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War Movie Review

War Full Movie Review - War is a very 😊 successful movie in 2019. This film box office collection in approximate 500 crores in one month. War Movie won the hearts of the India people from day one. Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff War Full Movie Review. See the War Movie trailer in YouTube.

War Movie Story Part 1

Hrithik Roshan's name is Kabir and Tiger Shroff's name is Khalid in this movie. Tiger and Hrithik are acting as undercover agents in the movie. Hrithik will kill the tiger's father for treachery. He will join Hrithik's team to prove Tiger and his mother are innocent. However, Hrithik will remind him every moment that he is the son of a traitor. War Full Movie Review. war movie review But he has to slowly believe in his work. They will do a mission together but one of their team will be involved with the villains. Hrithik will be shot in the neck and run after him to catch the Tiger villain. But Tiger will die at the villain's hands. No one will know, A villain will come after a tiger mask.

War Movie Second Part Story

When Hrithik is on a mission, Then he will be seen with Boni. Boni will fall in love 💑 with Hrithik. Hrithik will send them to the villain to collect some information. But the villain will kill 😢 Boni. he will find out that some of India's most high-profile people are associated with villains. Will work against the government to kill them. And the people in their group will try to kill  him because he is working against them. War Full Movie Review. This will be the responsibility of Tiger 😧 to kill Hrithik. But Hrithik and Tiger 👬 have to work together. Tiger will try to kill 😔 Hrithik in some time. But Hrithik 😎 would already know that he was not Tiger. He will fail 😂 🤣 to kill Hrithik. Then Hrithik will complete 😊 his mission. And in the end, Hrithik will kill 🤐 Tiger.

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